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From the road

This morning I landed in Ft. Lauderdale. I'm pretty sure I was the only person in the airport not going to or coming from a cruise. Everyone here is either retired or on vacation.

Boston was a bit of a whirlwind. I foolishly brought only one pair shoes, which I wore for three days straight - including treking thru airports and standing for 12 hours at a trade show - and I have come to the realization that looking cute isn't nearly as important as not being crippled. Carrie Bradshaw convinced us we could walk around big cities in high-rise shoes all day, but it was A LIE. Just one way Carrie Bradshaw ruined my life.

(The smoke alarm in my room is beeping like the battery might be dead.)

(Oh, they're testing them. They just made an announcement. I didn't even know they had intercom speakers in the rooms.)

(Oh for pete's sake. NOW THE DAMN ALARM IS GOING OFF.)

I knew that I was going to Boston for the International Seafood Show. What I didn't expect was for the entire convention center to SMELL LIKE FISH. Neither could I have predicted the floral centerpieces that included whole, dead fish, nor the ice sculptures with whole, dead fish frozen into them. You'd be surprised what you can do with whole, dead fish when you think outside the box.

On the dinner cruise, my boss & I got stuck with this woman who drank way, way too much. And I found her to be thoroughly annoying before the four glasses of wine and two cosmos. She's the kind of woman who gives suburban moms a bad name. She talked A LOT (mostly about her kids) and she had this really annoying habit of tucking her short, curly hair behind her right ear. Not that it ever went anywhere. She just kept tucking it and tucking it while she chattered on and on. She totally thought she was charming and her husband just kept plying her with drinks. Probably the only way he gets any from her.

Tomorrow I head to NYC where I think it might be snowing. I had to bring my super-big suitcase, because there are boots and a winter coat in there, bud.

But wait...I haven't even told you the bad news yet. THEY MADE ME THROW AWAY MY BENEFIT LIP GLOSS AT THE AIRPORT. Which, whatever. I'm all for stopping terrorists and all but come on. The most ridiculous part is that if I'd had a ziplock bag with me, I could've put my $16 glossiness back into my purse and been on my merry way. Because, you know, those plastic baggies have the power to stop a terrorist attack right in its tracks.


Yeah, I tried that my first time to Boston...never again. My next 18 consecutive visits I wore tennis/city shoes during the day and only tortured my feet at night. Plus, my friends lived a 10 minute walk from the subway so we walked ALL THE TIME as they had NO CAR.
I love Boston though!

one pair? that's it? you're supposed to be overdressed! ugh!

too bad about the lip gloss. I know at Sea-Tac they have a table with baggies before the checkpoint, just in case you forget. I thought all the airports do it too. shame.

SATC is fantasy. Real women, who do real work~ don't wear heels, ever!
I am surprised you wouldn't have been prepared with all the news about packing everything in baggies. I think their motto is if in doubt through it out.... that whole system is simply making it appear that we are doing something b/c people can actually see it... but it is just a bandaid...

Good point. Thank you for sharing

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