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New Blogger fucked up my blog

Actually, I fell for the old "Customize your template!" scheme. They told me I would lose all the changes I'd made to my template, but they'd be saved indefinitely. Only they didn't tell me WHERE they'd be saved.

So I clicked on the update thing. Lost my stuff. Fucked up my page.

And the customization they offered sucked ass anyway.

Damn new blogger.

So then I got pissed at the whole thing and spent hours and hours online doing research to change my template and reading tutorials on how to create my own damn design. I was determined not to go to bed until it was done.

Which would all be quite a feat, really, considering that I don't even know how to change my font color in Photoshop and have no idea if I even HAVE an HTML editor on this machine.

Big Daddy went to a movie...and came home...and I was still sitting here.

As you can see, I accomplished absolutely nothing.


UPDATE: I found some code from a year ago that I'd saved, so I at least put that back on. Not where it was, but at least not where damn New Blogger put it. Bastids.

UPDATED UPDATE: I took this new template off a free blog template site. This is going to be it for now until I decide what I want to do with it. I think I got most of my links & stuff back where they were.


Blogger forced me to upgrade to the new blogger too! Only they did it through some evil scheme, making me think I forgot my password, when in fact I knew I didn't. Evil,evil,evil. It doesn't affect me in any other way. I'm just not a big fan of the new streamlined look, because I've been using the other look for like three years.

New blogger is evil.


What is the name of the site that you got your new template from? I've been wanting to change my template for awhile, but I'm not positive how to change it. Thanks!

this one was really easy.

I got mine at


But go here

and scroll down to the bottom where it says "Free Blog Templates" and there are several links there.

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