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My TV is so fucked up

Right now I am listening to the Today show. Only listening b/c my screen is STUCK on that purple "Comcast announcements" screen. The audio matches the channel I'm supposed to be on, thought, so I can change channels and listen to whatever I want.

Prior to this new development, we went through all of these:

1. The picture would constantly freeze up and then pixelate. Over and over again.
2. When recording a show on the DVR, a commercial would "get stuck" and keep repeating over and over for about 10 minutes. Needless to say, the show did not record correctly.
3. If you try to rewind live TV, the screen just goes black.
4. If you push "stop" on live TV (say, to try & get the freezing and the pixelating to "stop"), the video would freeze, but the audio would continue.
5. Eventually, the cable box would shut down completely.
6. But the audio would keep going!
7. The recording shut off 11 minutes into "The Office" this week which means I missed Phyllis's wedding.

I'm assuming my digital harddrive is just shot. (It is several years old.) I've tried rebooting it several times. In fact, that's how my screen got stuck on this purple screen of death.

My Kid suggested unplugging the box and plugging the cable straight into to the TV. At least that way I could watch basic cable. Course, that's way out of my league. Big Daddy's gonna have to do that for me. Last time I tried to do something to the back of the television in my bedroom, the entire thing came crashing down on top of me. TVs are not my friend.


For a first world country, the US sure has terrible television service. You're not the first blogger I've read who's complained about comcast.

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