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Live Blogging the Super Bowl Commercials

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5:19 Billy Joel Sings the National Anthem: ehh. His voice sounded a lot better in the 80s.
5:20 Eddie Murphy as Norbit: A bet he hates that he's got another fat suit movie coming out now that he's got an Oscar nod.
5:21 Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites: Please god, don't make me sit through Jessica Simpson ads tonight...
5:35 Bud Light: "I threw paper" "I threw a rock" Very funny. Me & the kid laughed outloud.
5:35 Homemade Doritos ad: the guy did a nice job. I bet he gets a sweet job from winning that contest.
5:36 Blockbuster: Please don't show me animated rodents. Please.
5:39 Sierra Mist Beard Combover: this shit is obviously marketed toward men, because I'm finding it all a little gross.
5:48 Toyota Truck Happy Ending: extra points for the shock value.
5:48 FedEx Shipment to the Moon - Very creative. We've come to expect nothing less from Fred's place.
5:49 Budweiser Auctioneer Wedding - ehh. Funnyish.
5:55 Snickers Chest Hair - the "kiss" part was pretty funny, but then they resorted to grossout humor. The Kid and Big Daddy thought it was funny though, so mission accomplished, I suppose.
5:58 Chevy Singers: (umm, am I supposed to recognize ALL these singers? Because some of them seem famous but I'm not sure about others.) Good concept though, since I didn't remove my eyes from the screen while it was on.
5:59 Bud Lite No Speak English: My Kid loves that Mencia guy. He reminds me of that other politically incorrect comedian who relies on stereotypes to be funny.
6:00 David Letterman Late Show ad: DUDE! He got Oprah! Awesomeness.
6:15 GoDaddy.com: Eeeeverybody wants to work in marketing. Whatever.
6:16 Coke Give a little Love: didn't really appeal to me, but then I don't play those video games anyway. My Kid said, "This is a good commercial." (He had seen the longer version at the movie theater. And he does play those car jacking video games.)
6:23 Budweiser Fake Dalmation: it took a long time getting there, but it made me laugh.
6:24 Garmin navigation system: Was that Ultraman?
6:29 CareerBuilder.com: Excellent ad. A play on the success of themes like The Office and Dilbert.
6:29 Doritos Cashier: Even My Kid agreed - "That was discusting."
6:30 Chevy Car Wash: That one had us all laughing.
6:35 Bud Lite Fist Bumping is Out: I prefer Super Bowl ads that think a little further outside the box.
6:36 Beat Your Risk.com: A novel idea but porrly executed, I think.
6:39 GE Homeless Robot: I liked the part when the robot contemplated jumping off the bridge. But then he actually jumped and that depressed me a bit.
6:46 Sprint Connectile Dysfunction: Very funny. Extra points for making fun of what is the typical Super Bowl ad.
HALFTIME - Now how is Prince gonna perform in the rain? Oh, okay. With an Aunt Jemima rag on his head, that's how.
7:13 What, Prince doesn't have enough of his own songs to sing, he's gotta fill the halftime show with Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix and the Foo Fighters? WTF?
7:15 I know I should just sit back and enjoy the show, but all I can think is, "How is he not being electrocuted?"
7:16 Nice effect with the big scarf, but see, I would've had them stretch it out over the top of the stage so I didn't have to sing in the rain.
7:16 Those kids around the stage? They're actually part of the Halftime performance. That's why you'll notice they all have wristbands on. When I went to a Super Bowl event in San Diego a few years ago, I got to watch the Halftime show rehearsals (with Sting, Gwen Stefani and Shania Twain) and the crowd around the stage is part of the show.
7:41 Coke Machine Assembly Line: Very cute. Ironicly, I go through that exact procedure every time I open a Coke.
7:42 Bud Light Gorillas: They have beer at the zoo?
Side Note: This game sucks. It's not like you can really evaluate which is the better team when they're playing in a tropical storm.
7:48 CareerBuilder.com The Corporate Training Continues: Chapters are cool enough during the Super Bowl, but how will they run in prime time?
7:48 Taco Bell Carne Asada: You can't miss with talking animals, right?
7:55 Toyota Truck: These ads do not look cheap. They're very effective though. If I were in the market for a pick up truck. Which I'm not. And won't be. Ever. In this lifetime.
7:56 Emerald Nuts Robert Goulet: Robert Goulet is still alive?
7:58 FedEx Ground: heh. Mr. Turkeyneck.
7:58 Nationwide Federline: I thought he was doing a Burger King ad. But now I get why the Taco Bell guy was offended. Bottom line: K-Fed will do anything for a buck.

OK, I think I've seen all I need to see. I'm going to wash my hair.

I haven't been paying as much attention as you have, but have to say that I loved the turkey neck one.

I made the active choice to NOT watch the ads/super bowl this year. Somehow - KFed & Jessica Simpson was enough to prompt that decision...

Did I miss it on here or did you get the "He's got an axe!" hitchhiker one? Loved that one.

You know, I didn't include that one b/c I had seen it prior to the SB so I figured it didn't count.

The most popular ad though, according to USA Today, was during the 4th quarter, so I totally missed it. It was the Budweiser commercial w/ the crabs.

OK and the Colts win, Colts win, Colts win!!!!!
Therefore I am the winner of the household pick for Super Bowl 2007...
And you know that went over so well in a house full of sports crazed boys and men.
My favorite commerical would have to be the one with Carlos teaching the men about bud light.

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