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Golden Moments: Some great, some simply horrifying

Let's start with something nice:


They say Ugly is the new Betty. Stacy London would be proud of this dress. And speaking of which:

Now that I know she gets to go to the Globes, I'm even MORE envious of Stacy's job.

Now, before you get too bored, let's get on with the mean and nasty:

Sneer. (Who poses for a camera like that??)

Barbie doll dress.

I love Mary Louise Parker, but she has devil eyes here. Someone should call Phoebe, Piper and Paige and let them know that we think we've discovered the new Source.

OK, Cameron Diaz. Two words:



Before I left for my meeting last night, I was watching some of the red carpet coverage on E! even though god, how I loathe their correspondents. Anyway, I saw some footage of Beyonce on the carpet (no interviews though) and she was posing in the most absurd ways. Like this:

Which is a little on the dramatic side, wouldn't you say? But wait, it gets better. There's also this:

Which??? WTF is she doing? BUT WAIT! Like those TV ads....THERE'S MORE:

OK, now you just look silly. (And I actually saw her pose this; she wasn't just fixing her hair or checking her earrings. She posed this.) You're a pretty girl; you have a beautiful singing voice. Take the ego down a notch or two and people might start liking you again.

Moving on...

I know, I know, I know. King & Queen of the Prom and all. But is that a back tattoo? Because, maybe it's just me, but the sexy quotient bumps down a notch or two WHEN YOU HAVE AN ENTIRE CHINESE NOVEL TATTOOED ACROSS YOUR BACK.

Favorite dress of the night:

Emily Blunt from Devil Wears Prada. I thought she looked stunning.

And, J.Lo in old form:

Very pretty. Well played, Mrs. Anthony.

And lastly, the not-so-deperate housewife:

I rather liked this look for her.

What looks did you like and which ones drove you over the edge? Let me know & we'll try to find photos of them.

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I didn't even watch the Globes - I'm still bitter about cancelling the LA sojurn for work drama and the move that award shows would make this gal weepy. But - after lookin' at Perez today - Katherine from Grey's looked amazing. I thought some of the looks from the pics were horrific and Stacey gets to go to the Globes?? SOOO Jealous!!! *sigh*

There's always next year.

I wasn't crazy about her dress, but you're right. She looked pretty near perfection in that photo on Perez.

Love the pictures and your commentary! "Sneer." LOL.

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I keep trying to leave you this comment, but blogger keeps being bitchy, so ...

Eva's dress bugged me; she had that strap going under the bodice, which was fine, but then the dress had some sort of belt thingy at the waist, which totally ruined it. It would've been better had the dress just skimmed her figure.

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