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From this vantage point

I find that I have misjudged a lot of things about what 40 looks like:

1. I thought I would be taller.
2. I thought I would know a lot more divorced people.
3. I thought I would have mom hair. And reading glasses.
4. I thought I would be a stay-at-home mom. Or a school teacher. Or a bank teller.
5. I thought the shoes in my closet would be fewer in quantity and more sensible in style.
6. I thought I would be an active member of a church women's group. And the PTA.
7. I thought I would be wearing slacks.

Which is to say that, even though nothing in my life has been usual, or average, or even normal for that matter, whatever higher power that controls these things, whether you call it God or Spirit of the Universe or Destiny or the Fates or Baby Jesus and his pet cow, this power greater than myself is obviously doing a much better job at mapping out my life than I ever could.