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This reminds me of that Iron Maiden song

If (like me) you live smack dab in the middle of the Bible belt, and (not like me) you're pregnant and your baby is due on our around June 6, do you know what you do?

You have your doctor induce labor on June 5 to ensure that your child isn't born on 6/6/06.

Really. I saw it on the local news.

They profiled this sweet little blonde girl and showed her folding little tiny onsies. And she bore her testimony of her faith in Christ and said that she just felt more comfortable not having her baby on 6/6/06.

Which begs the question: Do you really think that if, in fact, you ARE the chosen one, you can avoid your fate of bearing the spawn of Satan by inducing a day early?

And if this is one of the signs that will bring on the final Rapture that you're all so excited for, don't you think it's your duty to fulfill that mission?

Huh. Not so faithful now, are ya missy?

Dude! I heard that too and had the same reaction you did. Um, if the soul enters the body at conception, then that kid is already evil, if it's gonna be. Right? Isn't that what their teachings say? Oh, and if God makes all things happen then doesn't HE get to decide when you go into labor? Aren't you messing with His plan if you ask your doctor to induce (for non-medical reasons, I mean) on a different day?

I just LOVE when people pick and chose which parts of scripture work for them and ignore the rest.

I totally need to put that song on my MP3 player for tomorrow. Hee!

And what's even more interesting (and non-sensical about the whole thing) is that it turns out 666 really wasn't the orignal number of the beast.

Wonder what those moms who had their babies on June 1, '06 think now?

It's just plain foolish because many inductions go over 24 hours anyway. Best to aim for a 6:06pm induction on 6/6/06 (unless this is your 6th kid)

I was listening to the radio on the way into work and supposedly a few local hospitals were jammed yesterday with people trying to get their kids born to avoid having them today. Gah. Still people.

Badger - I somehow knew that you would know that song, too.

Mark - I heard that in the TV report! Funny!

Supermom - that was my thought exactly! Especially if you're not ready to deliver, it could take hours - days even.

I think it'd be cool to have a baby today. I'm sure if we'd wanted another, my husband would have tried to time it so it'd be due today...and then he'd be begging for me to be induced to make sure it happened. He's evil like that.

I dunno. I am not overly religious, supersticious or anything like that. I was however raised Catholic and had the fear of the devil embezzled in my brain. Due to the mental torment of fearing the horned one, I myself, have to say I would opt to NOT HAVE a baby on that day.
You must also know I was born with a bald spot on the back of my head that resembles the odd birthmark DAMIEN had in the movie, except, mine doesn't have a number branded on it.

People are so weird. Yes, things like that were happening all over the US, people are stupid.

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