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A legging to stand on

Some of you may have been surprised by my admission that I'm wearing leggings, given the excessive backlash they've received on fashion blogs like GFY.

But let's just look at this a little bit.

The handbag by Hefty has got to go, but the rest of the outfit is rather cute.

First, it's not often that a fashion trend returns that you can wear again. Typically, when a trend returns, it is brought back by and for girls in their teens and twenties who weren't even alive the first time the look was in.

(Yeah, I used to wear leggings. I wore them with a straight miniskirt and a cut-up t-shirt and pumps with lace ankle socks. And long strands of fake pearls. For someone who didn't like Madonna, I sure did dress like her. I thought I looked like the girls in the ZZ Top "Legs" video.)

Thanks to Madonna and her whole
like-a-virgin-boy-toy look, leggings were actually pretty trashy back then. The way they're being worn now is going to be much more socially acceptable.

And let's get one thing straight off the top: These are tights; THEY ARE NOT PANTS. Please do not wear them under a shirt.

Yikes. Nikki Hilton is almost always a fashion Don't.

They should be worn under skirts or dresses. If you're self-conscious about wearing short dresses or miniskirts, this is your answer:

See how adorable Sienna Miller looks in leggings and flats.

Now, to address some issues that may have you concerned:

1. If you're self-conscious about wearing the leggings, go for a monochromatic look.

Look closely. There's a black pleated skirt there.

2. If you're worried about wearing them to work, pair them with a pencil skirt and slingbacks, and make sure the leggings come down to just below the widest part of your calf.

3. You might say: "kalisah, aren't tights kind of hot to wear in the summer?" To which I say, "Yes, they can be." My rule of thumb is going to be: 90 degrees, Yes; 100 degrees, No. The ones I bought (Hue [Macy*s] 2/$17.50) are actually quite thin. But I wouldn't recommend wearing tights if you're going to be outside in the heat for any length of time.

On the up side, there are several good arguments for wearing leggings under your skirt, including:
a. You don't have to shave your legs.
b. A lot of indoor places (especially in the south) like offices, movie theaters and malls are freezing in the summer.
c. Tights will hold in your more bulgey parts.

Jessica Simpson actually looks cute here. Notice the monochromatic in a basic color. That's a Do.

Other don'ts:
a. Don't wear patterned tights.
b. Don't wear brightly colored tights unless you're under the age of 19.
c. Don't wear tights with holes in them.


I'm with you on this one. Leggings are totally fetch. And speaking of Fetch, I'd love for you to be involved. Just let me know what you want to write about!

I started wearing tights under a denim mini... in february. And I don't read fashion magazines or websites... it was just cold.

I'm sure they look cute on YOU, but no no no. You are not going to make me like them. I'm with the Fug girls on this one.

Besides, I have huge calves and thick ankles. No cropped tights/leggings, no capris, no ankle strap shoes over here. If it's hot, I wear a knee-length skirt. If it's cold, I wear pants. Boring, but it works for me.

I can learn to love anything that allows me to forget shaving my legs for a day. I really like the Lindsay/Jessica looks in particular.

I agree with Go Fug Yourself. I think that leggings are awful. Especially under skirts and dresses.

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