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We are back in business

Finally. Back online. I can't tell you how bored we were. So there are several orders of business to take care of.

First, a belated Happy Birthday to Supermom, my oldest (HA! gettit? Oldest??) and dearest friend who turned 40 yesterday. FORE. TEE. When we were teenagers, I used to be jealous that she was 6 months older than me. Somehow, I've become OK with it over the years. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Dais, you look great, you hot momma.

Second, the H----- Corporation decided to give my next perfect job to an internal candidate. So that's kind of a drag. I'm a little disappointed, although I have picked up a few more freelancing jobs lately, so maybe that's the direction I'm supposed to be focusing on.

What else? My Kid's soccer team won their tournament this weekend so Yay! It was so unbelievably freaking hot sitting out there. I got a lot of sun though.

And my friend Susan came into town this weekend, and the two of us plus two of her college friends (who I've known since I've known Susan - about 15 years) got together Sunday night. It was so enjoyable. It's been ages since I sat around with girlfriends like that.

Also, several online babies were born while I was gone.

And Chris got a hickey on his forehead.

I believe that's everything.

Kalisah hates Melati. Sad and frowny, am I.

uh? I'm confused. You know I love ya more than mah luggage.

And you're gonna feel like luggage in 6 months, darlin'!

Turning (choke) 40 is fine except when I have to actually say the number when asked my age. I may perfect the art of lying!

Oh...I forgot to mention that I left you a personal thank you on my blog for announcing the entrance to my 5th decade to the world!... Look under the family pictures :)

We were sooooo cute!

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