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It's like living in the freaking Stone Age

Still no internet connection at the house - going on four days now. I feel totally disconnected with the world. I make it up to Starbucks once a day to check my email but I don't get much online time since I'm sharing Big Daddy's TMobile HotSpot account and he's always rushing me so that he can actually do work.

So bear with me - I'll have to catch up reading all your posts when Time Warner finally gets out there and repairs whatever's wrong with our Road Runner. Let's hope it's SOON.

It's not just you. They're obviously having problems. It's been sporadic (and mostly off) for the past few days here too. Argh.

One of the reason I am with Bellsouth. Time Warner and their "time slots" of between 12 p.m and 6 p.m and week from tommorrow use to kill me! Now I am with Bellsouth and Direct TV and couldn't be happier. Hope they fix whatever is wrong, soon!

I feel so bad for you! I hate having no internet. Ours is with our cable, so everytime the cable goes out (which happens quite often, unfortunately) the internet goes off. And that is a-nnoy-ing. Good thing the phone still works....

Are you using roadrunner?

My parents live in g'town and they are totally having problems... I'm wondering if you guys live near each other...

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