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Where do you go, when the world don't treat you right? (answer below)

I love to watch ABCFamily in the afternoons. First, there's the Gilmore Girls at 4, and thank god! they haven't replaced this one with any crappy sitcoms yet. Then you get two full hours!! of the longest-running wholesome family fare available on TV today: 7th Heaven.

This show features the Camden family of nine (nine!!) and has everything you could possibly want in television entertainment: love (lots of love), compassion, moral dilemmas, children making bad choices (in order to learn valuable lessons from their mistakes, duh), adorable babies, heightened overreaction to misbehaviors, supremely bad acting, a dog named "Happy" and Jessica Biel. Plus:

  • A dad who's also a minister and comes straight out of Fatherknowsbestland, which is kind of funny since he also played Dianne Keaton's ex in the First Wives Club.
  • A mom who seems to be teetering on the very verge of sanity, but the woman has spent over four years of her life pregnant so I'm cutting her some slack.
  • An oldest son who never seems to move out and perpetually needs a haircut.
  • Two teenage daughters who are obsessed with getting married. Ob. Sessed.
  • A second son who, when he gets to be a teenager and gets his drivers license, kills a kid on a bicycle. Of course it turns out that the teen on the bike was high and not wearing a helmet and it was all his fault anyway, but you can only imagine the hours and hours of family trauma that ensued.
  • One smart, precocious younger daughter who seems to be the only voice of reason in the family, but that's probably because she hasn't started dating yet.
  • Twin baby boys who are right up there with Michelle Tanner when it comes to reciting lines on cue.
Plus, all their kids have Biblical names, save one: Matt, Mary, Simon, Ruthie, Samuel, David. I don't know what happened with Lucy.

"The answer is HOOOOOOME!!
That's the one place that you'll find
7th Heaven"

I admit to watching this show - and loving it! Too bad it is ending, there isn't much I can watch with my kids - especially considering I'm a Law & Order junkie. lol

You sure it's not short for Lucy-fer?

I gotta figure the only reason it's been the longest-running show on television is that they seriously didn't have anything else to put on the WB. And the WB will take anything. Either that or they'd just forgotten they'd put it on the air and no one told them to stop for ten years. ;)

I have such a love/hate relationship with 7th Heaven. Or maybe it's more like a "love to hate" relationship. One of those. The Camdens just sort of live in their own little world, untainted by the rest of us heathens and miscreants. Except for the oldest daughter. I don't know what Brenda Hampton has against Jessica Biel (was it the Maxim cover she did a few years ago?), but boy, how she likes to rip Mary a new one. I can see her sitting down at her desk and thinking, "We need to do an episode on AIDs prevention. And then Mary smokes crack, and everyone is ashamed."

Heh, you also forgot the part where the dad also writes bad porn in his spare time. :)

A few seasons back he quit the minsistry on the show to try and write a book as a bizarre way of promoting his soft-core (and poorly written) porn books, er, literary erotica in real life. Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against literary erotica. I do, however, have a problem with bad writing. *grin*

and might I add a little woo-hooo to the "four episodes left" countdown?! heehee

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