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This Morning's Headlines

Happy 150th Birthday! Would you want to live to be 150? Personally, it sounds exhausting to me.

Return to Sanity: Gilmore Girls reruns are back on ABCFamily at 9:30 a.m. central time. Yea.

To Shout Out or Not Shout Out? If I were a designer, I'd sue Melanie Griffith if she DID mention my name.

Too Much Chocolate? I made this cake last night and man, is it good. (I already had a piece for breakfast.)

Shake That Thing: My shoes have been delivered, and they're pretty high (4.75" heel with 1.50" platform). I fear they look like stripper shoes but I haven't quite made up my mind yet.

File Under: DUH. Britney...losing her sex appeal??? You don't say.

Killer Queen: AI is doing Queen tonight, which, as you know, is one of my all-time favorite bands. (Freddie Mercury was a musical genius.) I can't decide if I want to watch out of curiosity or if it will give me nightmares for the rest of my born life.

All Grown Up: When My Kid doesn't like what I cook for dinner, he now goes into the kitchen and makes himself a peanut butter sandwich. I love that. Also? He's mowing the yard this summer. For 20 bucks.

Should I be Worried? I've used this contact solution for years.

When Your Head Gets Bigger than the Mascot's. After six years and six million dollars, and finally being able to boast a "national program," our coach may be dumping us for NC State. Because $1.3 M a year isn't enough I guess. Apparently he needs $2.2 and a major conference. Bastard.

Ya know, for a minute there I thought you were saying Melanie Griffith had hit 150, which I knew couldn't possibly be true. She doesn't look a day over 140.

I use ReNu too, it is the only one to ever totally eliminate the need for rewetting drops! I hope it is okay. There always seems to be some kind of other factor like they weren't cleaning the cases or something. I don't want to switch!

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