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I am loving the skinny jeans. This look is H U G E in Europe. All the Brits are wearing them. Here's what you need to know:

- First, you gotta have the gams. These jeans are nothing if not unforgiving.
- Some are tighter than others so do your homework and look around.

How Not to Wear Them
- Don't roll them up.
- Don't let them fall down over and cover up your shoes. Much preferred that they bunch up a little at the ankles.
- Don't do anything weird with them. As a rule, just don't copy anything you see Sienna Miller do.
- Personally, I don't wear anything that I already wore in 1983.

- Wear them with heels - wedges look great! - or flats.
- Heels will make the legs look even longer and skinnier.
- Try red, white, or metallic shoes to draw additional attention to your feet and legs.
- For a casual look, skinny jeans look darling with your converse tennies. Very Keira Knightly.
- Lots of celebs are wearing them tucked into boots (not a summer look, obviously) but keep in mind it will cut your legs off and defeat any lengthening.

- Clean and dark is the way to go. Distressed is out. As is embellishment.
- White is really cute for summer and definitely on my wish list.

What to Wear on Top
- A little tank top is very rock-n-roll. Think Courtney Cox in the Dancing in the Dark video.
- Blouson on top is very popular, but that comes with a whole set of its own rules. Note how this woman's blousey top nips in at the waist (a good thing). Blouson isn't really a good look for busty women.
- Wear a longer top if your bum has seen a few too many Krispy Kremes.

What to Do Now
- StairStepper
- Squats


I bought a pair of jeans sort of like that. Only their "small flare" at the bottom. I guess bottoms like that haven't trickled down into the store my student budget can affoard. However, I'm going to London in two weeks, so at least I'll fit in.

I love them, too. I have exactly one pair so far, so it's time to go shopping!

after i outgrew my first pair of 7 jeans in less than two months (had been saving for them forever...architects make crap when it comes to salary, you know) i decided no more expensive jeans. which is good because in the last 3 months of working out, my thighs have grown 2 jean sizes while my waist has stayed the same.
not that i'm complaining because i'm still little, but it just proved to me that my bottom likes to expand and contract anytime it sees fit...
although the jeans look super cute! and the "need to know" was LOL funny :)

I cannot do the skinny jeans. Nope. Tis physically impossible. Instead, I will stick to my Arizona summer uniform for the next 6 months: skirts, wife beaters in all kinds of colors, and flipflops/wedges. Jeans, skinny or not, are simply out of the question once June hits.

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