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Shake-up at TODAY

I was not surprised that Katie took the CBS Evening News position. She's probably sick and tired of getting up at 2 o'clock in the morning and I think that a journalist sees the evening news gig as the ultimate goal. I remember Katie on the morning of 9-11 and I think she did an admirable job during that time of crisis. I'm not sure how she'll do day after day with no jovialness though. On Today, she giggles on a regular basis, which has contributed to her "perky" reputation. So maybe she took the CBS job in an attempt to change her image a bit.

At any rate, who even watches the evening news anymore? Do you? Do working people even get home in time to watch the evening news? I never did.

Now this news comes out this afternoon, and I gotta say, I am surprised by this one. 1) I was actually pulling for Campbell Brown. Or even Natalie Morales. Or Ann Curry. and 2) I kind of hoped that NBC would choose a minority journalist.

I don't have an opinion on Viera because I've not really seen her in action. I despise The View with every fiber of my being. All those women yelling over each other. Ugh. Just the fact that she comes from there starts me out a bit biased against here.

I've been watching Today since Jane Pauley and Bryant Gumbel sat on that couch. I don't know if I'll stick with it through this change or not. That's yet to be seen.

I have a less than 6-degree connection to Viera and despise her because of it. And I'm also really surprised they didn't promote from within -- which pretty much meant Morales as I knew Curry and Campbell were never really in the running. I'm hoping our new hostess (or the viewers, or the network) pulls a Deborah Norville and she is gone before we know it. Somehow though, I doubt that'll be the case.

I can't stand Viera. Yuck, yuck. I was really pushing for promotion from within.

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