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Sexy or Not Sexy?

6'3, 256-pound tight end from the University of Maryland cried when he got drafted #6 (San Francisco) this morning. Sexy or Not Sexy?

You know in our house we have been watching all morning and I think the media makes such a BIG deal about some of these players and they are good but they really don't know who is going first or last....that is up to the teams and who they want. Reggie Bush is great but he did not go first and they just kept going on and on about it and he went second, that is not so bad in my book. And who cares if his parents owe hundreds of thousands, now he can just pay this guy off and go on woht his career. I think they should just legalize college players getting money and whatever from boosters and alumni, because they all do it, just some get caught at it. But you know that is just my opinion!

I couldn't agree more about letting the college players make $$. There's so much money in the pros and so much temptation to go make it; it's ruining college sports.

And what about Vince going before Matt, you know that hurt...with all the media on that one.

I KNOW!! Good for Tennessee though. And I'm SO EXCITED for my Saints! Getting Reggie Bush! Woot!

Big Daddy is hoping D'Angelo goes to Carolina since he has to travel there for work all the time! We'll see....still waiting although I hope he comes up SOON!

yeah it has been an exciting first round at least it was not so predictable ... John is in there still with the TV on ESPN just a blasting and he is snoring away.

Carolina, BD will be happy

I'll vote for Not Sexy. :)

I wouldn't say sexy. But it's sweet. You know, a dream realized and all that...

Cute, but not sexy, per se.

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