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The Love that (almost) Brought Down a Kingdom

Big Daddy & I rented "Tristan + Isolde" last night, starring that guy from Freaks & Geeks. I was familiar with the names (common crossword clue: 6-letter word for "Tristan's love"), but not the story. And I'm into knowing things like that.

I actually liked it. The story contained just enough twists and turns to keep it interesting. Big Daddy only liked the fighting scenes and disappeared into his office during the mushy middle part. I was not aware that there was a time that Ireland actually "ruled" over Brittania. You only ever hear the other side of the story, when Ireland was trying to get out from under the English.

But what is this story anyway? History? Myth? Legend, like Camelot? Any Brits out there that can fill me in?

oh, thanks for reminding me of this movie! I put it on the top of my queue with Netflix!

It has its origins in Celtic/French folklore, and though crossing cultures like many an old story, it gained ground as part of Arthurian Legend (possibly influencing the Lancelot/Guinevere story). Furthermore, like Arthur, its possible the characters are based on actual people.

This has been my nerd update for the day.

Ask and it shall be given you....by Mark!

Heh. I don't know about you, but my unemployed-dom has resulted in waaaay too much time spent on the internet. Then again, I've always had a mind for trivia. Or was that a trivial mind...??

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