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So, I guess Big Daddy was a little off-put by the post about his many annoying character- istics, because today when he came into my office and freaked out at what a mess it was, he said, "Blog THAT!" I know it's a mess....I've been meaning to clean it. I have a bad habit of taking off my shoes at my desk, I'll admit. Then he said he was giving me a "blogging assignment" to list every single thing that is on my office floor, so here goes:

7 pairs of shoes
4 pairs of boots
1 pair of slippers
1 belt (brown)
1 The Commercial Appeal (Wednesday edition)
1 box manila file folders
1 lap top bag (black)
7 books that I've finished reading
3 small empty gift/shopping bags (1 from Benefit and 2 from events I attended)
1 laundry basket (empty)
1 large plastic container lid (blue)
1 box (empty), on top of which is piled half a load of clean laundry (towels & sheets)
1 box with the remains of my last office job
1 Victoria's Secret catalog
1 mouse pad
1 nail file (black)
1 owner's info packet to DVD player
1 shoulder bag (leather, black)
1 list of the Chronicles of Narnia books (in order)

Not visible [on the futon]:
1 swim suit (top half only)
1 sweatshirt (blue striped)
1 basketball jersey (green)
1 small pile of clean laundry (1 shorts, 1 boxers, 1 chic beater)
1 skirt laid out flat to avoid wrinkles (pink)
1 Victoria's Secret packing slip

Mine is worse. But there ain't no effin' way I'm taking pictures of it!

Those slippers look like mine...little sparkly drinks on them?

I agree with Badger - can't believe B.D. made you do that. EEKS!

Oh my goodness.

I'm a bit of organizationista, so I must admit

If our sole matedness were not so strong, our love may not have survived this.

You still make me go "Ooh la love."

Well, maybe it needs a little tidying up.

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