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Shoes! Glorious shoes!

I have this really cute Banana Republic skirt - full, knee length, gold. I'd post a photo of it for you but then I'd have to go downstairs and get my camera phone and that just seems like a lot of work.

In the winter I've worn it with a black turtleneck sweater and black pumps. But now that it's spring I thought it would make a good transitional piece if I lightened it up with an off-white turtleneck. Only then you can't wear black shoes. You need light-colored shoes. And I looked and looked in my closet but I didn't seem to have any that would work (something not too open as I'm not looking for "summer" here).

So you know what this calls for, don't you? SHOPPING.

And holy gold and silver, Batman! I had NO IDEA that metallics were going to be so big this season! How did this sneak up on me?

(OK, actually, it didn't totally "sneak up" on me, per se, because my friend Amy told me when she left London a year ago that all her friends were wearing gold and silver flats, so I should have known the metallics would get here eventually.)

Now, we have established before that I am hardly a fan of Macy*s shoe department. But given that it's the only department store game in town, I occasionally must succomb. And since I'm technically "not working," I didn't think Big Daddy would want me stepping one needy foot into Joseph (exclusive carrier of Prada in Memphis).

So here's what I found: (sorry for the linkage action but I seem to have lost the ability to post multiple photos in Blogger or even to move photos around to the position that makes the most sense for the content. Feh.)

These shoes are for the gold skirt/white shirt outfit. I didn't go with gold shoes b/c, please. That would just be too, too much. I went with textured brown fabric and gold trim.

One trend I knew we'd be seeing a lot of this spring and summer is the wedge heel, b/c they were really trying to come out of the closet last year, but hadn't quite made the big splash yet. Here is a pair that truly, at that price? we should ALL own. Terribly cute AND....they incorporate both big summer looks, the wedge and the metallic.

I have a pair of espadrilles that I love and I was hoping to maybe pick up another pair of those, but all the ones at Macy*s were closed toe, which? Apparently they're catering to the "I-can't-stand-people-touching-my-feet-so-I-never-get-pedicures" crowd b/c I can't think of one other reason why anyone would desire closed-toe sandals in the summertime.

But then I found these fabric-covered wedge sandals. They are tres comfortable (wedge - remember, I haven't worn heels in more than six months since I last hurt my back) and I like that they're colorful, without being too bright or pastel-y. They'll be equally sassy and smart with skirts, sundresses or capris.

I fell in love with these metallic Steve Madden wedges, but, though they looked hot with black pants, I just couldn't come up with one item I would wear them with in the summertime (and belive me, I tried), so I passed on those.

Now, if the weather would just get out of the 30's so I can enjoy my fun spring finds.


Kalisah - Bakers (tho I normally LOATHE to shop there) has a gorgeous pair of linen/gold wedge heels! To Die For! Not to mention 9 West has few cute wedge finds...

don't get me started, I'm LOVING this wedge/espedrille trend. as for closed toe sandals, what's the point. but I suppose there are a lot of workplaces that don't allow any showing of the toes, let alone naked toes.

ah, good point, Michelle.

Stylish comfy reasonable rate thats Caterpillar shoes..!!!!!!nice blog.....

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