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Good Night and Good Luck getting through this snoozefest

I was anxious to watch "Good Night and Good Luck" because of all the great press it got and the awards noms and then today I was reading excerpts from this interview in Newsweek with Bob Edwards (formerly of NPR) where he said, "The movie got it absolutely right. They got it so right that I knew what the next line of dialogue was going to be." So cool. So I rented it and watched it today.

And OMG it was boring as shit. And I was a journalism major. And I'm assuming that the Marc Cuban who's listed as an EP is not the same Mark Cuban who owns the Dallas Mavericks or surely it would have been a whole lot more exciting.

If it seems like that much of a snorefest - no amount of Clooney can make this gal rent it ;) Thanks for the heads up!

but it's in black and white!
and it's about olden days!

I wonder why it was so boring.

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