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Let's see....who's gone down?

1. Reigning National Champions University of North Carolina Tarheels

2. Number 1 in the nation Duke University Blue Devils

And who's still on the Road to the Final Four?


Can I get a "Woot!"

This town is going nuts! Everywhere you go people are wearing blue & gray and giant "M's" and everyone's got those flags and windsocks on their cars and even the guy at the post office is ending every transaction with "Go Tigers!"

The radio is playing "Eye of the Tiger" on a regular basis and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" for our unlucky opponents.

You'd think our very own sons were starting in the Super Bowl or something.

Then again, some of us actually included just this such event on our Before I Die list. We're what they call FANatics.


Now that is more like it. We are meeting a group of alumni tomorrow night to watch the game in St. Louis, we never knew there was such a group until all this TIGER CRAZE...
It ought to be a lot of fun, I will let you know how it goes...

we were equally surprized when we were there for the Rams game that there is also a Midwest Seahawks Club in St. Louis. Lot of sports fans there. :)

Have fun and GO TIGERS!

I am so excited about tonight, who knows we may know somw of these people. Probably not, but you never know. Have fun watching the TIGERS get you pne step closer to marking another wish off your list.

Not that I don't hope I'm wrong, but I will be very surprised if we progress any further. There's a history of blowing it that the pessimist/realist just can't overcome.

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