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Far be it from me to make fun of other people....

Oh, who am I kidding? I love to talk about people. I admit it! I'm shallow! I'm superficial! I'm going to hell! Whatever. It's entertaining!

Setting: Soccer Fields, 10:30 this morning, 47 degrees with a bitter cold wind blowing.

Kalisah walks up to sideline to place chair. Big Daddy is talking to Asst. Coach. He is young, about their age, cute, athletic; cast on left foot and crutches from, we assume, a soccer injury of his own.

Big Daddy: Mike, this is my wife, Kalisah.
Kalisah: Hi, nice to meet you, etc.
Big Daddy: We went to high school together.
Kalisah: Oh! How nice, etc.

Kalisah settles down in chair, covers up with blanet, commences shivering. Begins to notice family sitting to her right. Mom is epitome of "Germantown Housewife." She thinks she looks like Deidre Hall. Her hair is orange in the back with chunky streaks of white around her face. Makeup is heavier than 10:30 Saturday a.m. soccer game would require. Heavily lined lips. Gucci sunglasses, ugg boots and burberry blanket. Spends most of the game telling her 13-year-old daughter - who, BTW, looks at least 16 - to get her highlights done and is she going to go tan after the game? Occasionally yells out to son "Chase" on the field. Mom looks to be in her late 40s but trying awfully hard not to let it show.

Big Daddy leaves Mike and joins Kalisah at her chair.

Kalisah: Does Mike have a son on the team?
Big Daddy: Yeah. Step-son. "Chase"


Kalisah (motioning Deidre Hall woman with her eyebrows): OMG! That's HIS WIFE then!!

I don't think Big Daddy ever quite got what I was trying to tell him. Men. They just don't read eyebrows that well. When we got in the car to leave I was all "OMGOMGOMG" and I explained it to him and he was shocked. SHOCKED I tell you. Like jaw hanging slack. Then he started laughing and laughing and he was, "Holy shit! He married a woman twice his age!" and then I proceeded to remind him once again what a very, very lucky man he is.

Now, if you'll excuse me....I have a Survivior tune to download.

men....they definitely don't read eyebrows well. you also can't talk in 'code' with them either- like you can with your girl friends...they just don't get the concept! when you go to hell i'll be in the room next door because i love to talk about people too.

teehee my husband would never get the eyebrow thing at all.

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