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The saga of the Halloween costume continues

Well, my problem is I waited too long. I have this great idea for a costume, but it takes a little planning. And some dedicated time to find the perfect dress. And I just waited too long.

I went today to the Goodwill store out by my office. I was kind of hoping they'd have a prom/bridesmaid dresses section but noooo. I had to search through rows and rows and rows of dresses. I found a couple of possibilities, but they all ended up being too small.

I found this one dress that's not what I had in mind, but might work somehow. It was only $5 so I bought it. I'm going to keep looking at a couple of other thrift shops in town though.

The thing is, it's such a good costume idea that I don't want to do it halfway. I want to wait until I can do it right.

But I digress.

This dress is amethyst purple. And velvet. With a ginormous bow across the front. It's not long though and I really truly believe that Miss America 1984 should have a big poufy skirt. So maybe I'll be Class of 84 Prom Queen instead.

That's me in the Goodwill Store dressing room. HA! Now there's something you never expected to read here. I like that it's bright purple, because I really really want to wear purple eyeshadow. And nail polish.

I mean, that is one big ass bow.