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Good-bye, Florida

Our last couple days have been full of activity. Big Daddy & Kid went on their private fishing trip and that was a lot of fun. They caught a ton of fish.

I took the Kid over to this activity center at the resort. He jumped the Euro-Bungey, which is when they hook you up to a harness and huge rubber band thingies and then set up loose jumping on a trampoline. And he rode the huge waterslide. I sat in the shade and tried not to sweat but, failing that, drank margaritas.

The three of us played 18 holes on the putting dunes. Big Daddy & the Kid tied by winning 7 holes each. I won 4. Then we went over to Baytowne on the other side of the highway from our resort (it's all part of the same resort, actually. It's on the bay side, while we're on the gulf side.) Had dinner at Acme Oyster House - were so excited to see that one of our favorite New Orleans restaurants has opened a place here in Destin. Dude, Boo Fries! (Cheese fries with roast beef gravy.) It's really charming over there. If we'd known all those shops & restaurants were there we'd have visited it more.

It's been a great vacay. We've had so much fun and I do feel more relaxed. The last of the photos are here at flickr. See ya back at home!