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Well this is hardly turning out like I'd planned AT ALL

Yesterday, when it was sunny and warm, I was forced to spend FIVE HOURS at the Medieval Times Family Cookout, where, as I mentioned, those who deigned to speak to me attempted a conversation based upon the career of my husband. (You'll understand, every woman at the party who works out of the home is either a nurse or a teacher, so, by virtue of having ovaries, I necessarily couldn't have anything interesting to say about MY OWN life or interests. )

Also, the hostess guzzled beer the entire afternoon, forgetting entirely to even put the hamburgers on the grill until nearly four hours had passed, but she never offered anything but sodas to her guests. Which was quite unfortunate for me, as alcohol could only have improved my disposition greatly.

I sat quietly in the living room for quite some time, though there wasn't even any interesting reading material other than handgun magazines and museum replica catalogs, where one might order a copy of the sword used by Sean Connery in The Highlander, or perhaps Liv Tyler's dress from LOTR.

Today - the day that the boys are fishing and the day that I had set aside to enjoy the pool and bask in the rays - it is dark and cloudy and cool. I am heartsick, especially given that I wasted such beautiful weather yesterday. They tried to get me to go along on the fishing expedition but I knew that it would be exceedingly BORING to me even though I'm anxious to know that My Kid has finally caught his first fish. He's been fishing in lakes around home several times and always comes away distressed, often in tears even, that he can't seem to catch ONE FISH. They have hired a guide to take them out on this river today and they all assure me, and My Kid as well, that he will SURELY catch something today. I sincerely hope so.

Although I rather like the mail-order bride, who is pretty and funny and happy and fat, I would prefer to be left alone to read then to make everyone feel like they must make constant conversation with me, although I fear I come off as rude and ungrateful if I disappear upstairs for too long at a time.

Oh, this is not how I'd hoped my extra-long weekend would be. No, not at all.