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By the way . . .

I meant to tell you all that I will be out of town over the holiday weekend. We are going to stay with some friends in Arkansas. Big Daddy & Elijah will take a fishing trip on Sunday. My plans include availing myself of the friend's backyard pool and reading several books.

It should be a very interesting vacation with many grand stories to tell upon our return, given that:

1. The family we are staying with is our friend's dad. He is on his fifth marriage, this one to a mail-order bride from Latvia.

2. The town we're staying in has a population of 25,000.

3. We're going to a cookout at the friend's mother's on Saturday. Her husband has been known to greet guests in his authentic full suit of armor.

4. From my bedroom window, I can see a huge nuclear power plant cooling tower. Just like on The Simpsons.

5. One sister and her husband are evangelical Christians. She told me she didn't like the movie "Sideways" because she just couldn't get over that one man having affairs when he was engaged to be married.

6. The other sister is the "beauty" of the family. She wears lots of frosty eyeshadow, lots & LOTS of black eyeliner and has spiderweb eyelashes. And a really bad weave.

7. People in Arkansas's idea of making small talk with me is, "So, what does Big Daddy do for a living?"

OK, I'll save SOME of the excitement for later. Hope your holiday is fun & relaxing. I'm expecting BIG NEWS on Monday . . . I'll share soon!