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This is like one of those stories that is started by one person and then someone picks up where they stop

I got up this morning and left for work - it is BEAUTIFUL outside! Cold, clear, sunny. I love it. I have on a short black & white plaid kilt, black boots and a black turtleneck. I'm starting to get that Lindsey Lohan-Jillian Barberie hair thing going. I'm feeling pretty good. Then I get to work and find out...

There's no power in the building! So thank god I'm only on the second floor because I never would have even made it to my office if I'd had to walk up SIX flights of stairs. The COO says it will take two hours to get the electricity back on, so we're officially closed til 11 a.m. The HR director says we have three choices:
1) We can find manual work to do until the power's back on;
(MANUAL LABOR??? Whatev.)
2) We can leave and come back at 11;
(I live too far to go home, and I can't see sitting at Starbucks for THREE HOURS)
3) We can leave and not come back but we'll have to take a vacation day, so I...

Head home and start mixing Bloody Marys! Yeah, you don't have to say "vacay day" to me twice! Now I'm just leisurely reading my blogs, doing my crosswords, watching the soaps. You know what I love about soaps? You can have not watched for TWO YEARS and still be able to catch up on the storyline inside of 10 minutes.