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Le printemps est dans l'air!

Springtime. A flirty girl's favorite shopping time. Time to toss away the heavy sweaters and turtlenecks and tights and boots in exchange for light and airy and twirly and COLOR!

I've been participating in a little retail therapy and have begun my list of Must Haves for Spring 05.

First, the full skirt. In ethnic prints. With tank tops. And wedge heels or espadrilles. You can even dress it up like this simple elegant look or this. I'm in love with this one.

Also big this season will be white. Including white pants and jeans. Which we can pair with a Pucci scarf and pretend that we resort.

To help you transition into the new season, there's lots of great tiny jackets to get you through those cool mornings. Like this one and this one.

Lastly, to complete our new outfits, we need a new spring handbag! And here's what to remember there: Big is IN! I have my heart set on this one for the office and this bright one for the weekend.

So now you're ready to go out and treat yourself to your own spring splurge! Let me know what you find!