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Lost (not the TV show)

So, remember last summer? When I lost my keys? Well, they never did turn up. Luckily we had an extra set at home. And luckily nobody's stolen my car.

Tonight, out of the blue, Big Daddy said, "I wonder what ever happened to your keys?"

"I'll find them when I die," I said. "That's what happens, you know. That IS the afterlife: everything you ever lost is there to greet you - keys, sunglasses, umbrellas, gloves, socks..."

I tried to support my theory with an example of something HE'S lost, but I couldn't think of anything he's permanently misplaced. Sure, he loses his keys everyday, but I can always tell him where he's left them. That's my job. I'm the mom.

So then, I got to wondering? What have YOU lost? What's waiting for YOU when you go?