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So I've been so busy defaming the largest employer in my city that I forgot to tell ya'll that I had a great meet up with Snidge last night!

It was so great for me, because I think of her as like "Top Memphis Bloggergirl." You know, like our answer to Dooce. Someone lots of people read. Talented. Insightful. Fun to read. Comments out the ass.

But for the big name and all, she was totally cool. Or maybe she was just trying to make a lowly blogger wannabe feel like it's OK to approach the celeb.

Seriously, it was great meeting her. It was weird in a ...weird sort of way. Like, we know a lot ABOUT each other without actually KNOWING each other. So I guess in a way that creates awkwardness. But we seemed to slip into a groove pretty quickly. Just go ahead and get two moms talking about their kids and their kids' school.

BUT WAIT! Let's reposition that. Two YOUNG and HOT moms. Yeah. COOL MOMS who drive COOL CARS. And wear COOL SWEATERS AND BOOTS.

Yeah, you're gettin' the picture...