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Memphis Makes us Proud (once again)

So how about that? A group or Iraqis on a civil rights tour sponsored by the State Department were refused entry into City Hall b/c the illustrious leader of our City Council (*cough*JoeBrown*cough*) thought they might be dangerous. In fact, he threatened to "evacuate the building and bring in the bomb squad" if the group entered.

And now, the story is being picked up by newspapers all over the country. Yay us.

But before you go and make up your mind that Memphis is just a city of ignorant bigots, let me assure you: it's not all of us...it's just our city leaders. Go here to read some letters to the editor in today's Memphis paper (a one-time registration may be necessary). I especially liked this one:

Brown's diligence in protecting the safety of those in City Hall is commendable.
No doubt those Iraqis are up to no good in our city, probably spying on our facilities to plan an attack.
I encourage Brown to continue his vigilance and bar all people from the Nation of Islam from the facility. They could be relaying information to Osama bin Laden.
Additionally, a policy of general racial profiling should be put in place at City Hall. After all, everyone knows all Hispanics entered this country illegally. Don't let those criminals in the building. If they broke the law by entering America illegally, they certainly will break the law again. And of course, unelected African-Americans should be barred. After all, everyone knows all blacks sell drugs, steal, refuse to work and are on welfare. Don't let them in; they may steal something or turn City Hall into a crack house.
Yes, Brown should be commended for being such a vigilante protector of City Hall.
And Carol Chumney should be the next mayor of this city.