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Family Time

It seems a number of adult children in my office are regularly taken on luxurious vacations (like cruises) by their equally adult parents. This floors me. First, b/c my parents split up right about the time I was hitting my teens, so I can't even remember the last family vacation we had. I mean, after that it was "I'll put you on a Greyhound to your mother's." Bon voyage!

Secondly, I guess if you don't have a fucked up family where all but maybe one member is annoying, cloying or bloodsucking, you might want to spend more than a couple hours at a time with them. Not this babe. I haven't wanted to accumulate any family hours since I was, oh...about 17.

The only member of my family I even like anymore is my exceptionally cool and laid back and witty brother. And his wife & their off-spring. And they live like 45 minutes from me. And prior to this past weekend, the last time I saw them was A YEAR AGO. How sad is that? Maybe we should, I don't know, take a cruise together or something.