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Business at hand

I have been in meetings straight through from 8:30 this morning until now. I don't understand how it is that everyone ends up scheduling these things all on the same day. I haven't had time to read, write or do my crossword puzzle. Feh.

But first things first: John Edwards was great!! It was hot as hell fire out there, and there was a ton of people. But I had fun! We could hardly see a thing, and we were way up toward the front. I guess they had him on a raised dias, but it wasn't raised nearly high enough. I occasionally caught a glimpse of him between people's heads. When everyone started waving their signs - forget about it.

Now, on to other business:

DON'T FORGET: Tomorrow after work is the Tennessee Tiaras/Memphis Meet-up. Chili's by Oak Court Mall. Around 5:30 or so. Hope to see everyone there!