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The fates are not smiling

Yesterday evening I slipped on a magazine that one of the boys left on the living room floor. My feet went flying out from under me and when I landed I knocked the shit out of my upper arm on the edge of the glass coffee table. I think I'm gonna have a huge bruise for Monaco.
PLUS, I was carrying a glass of red wine at the time, which I did not just drop in order to leave a single large stain on the rug that could be easily blotted and treated. Oh no. It, too, went flying, and splattered into hundreds of spots that covered the entire width of my living room rug.
And the nightmares have started - right on schedule. This always happens to me when I devote a great deal of time and energy to an event like this, or the class reunion. And they always start one week to the day before the event. Last night, I dreamed His Serene Highness Crown Prince Albert of Monaco didn't show up for the gala. But that could never happen.