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Excuse me, miss?

Can anyone tell me why, whenever I'm in NYC, people stop me on the street and ask me how much I pay to get my hair done? This has happened to me the last two times I was there. I assume it's some kind of guerilla marketing strategy. I always just say, "Oh, I'm not from here" because I figure that disqualifies me from whatever it is they're trying to sell. They aren't pushing any fliers or anything. I'm just wondering.

Okay, I'll bite....so what is your secret for great hair???

gaileee in south Texas, where high humidity and hairdo's don't mix!

great hair? I don't know about all that. I combat humidity with LOTS of product and a straight iron.

I bet the people who ask are just jealous that they can never seem to get their hair to look as great as yours does. They probably just assume that you probably pay someone to do it all the time.

On a separate note, thanks for my first ever comment! :)

Now I'm really curious what your hairdo looks like! Pictures pictures! :)) Sweety (sweety@helloworlditsme.com)

oh lord...I'm soooo not technical this way...I have no idea how to post photos here!! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Me again, I use hello dot com for pictures. Its easy, free and works well with blogger.

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