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Oh, Anna

At first, when I heard NPR describe Anna Nicole posthumously as a "tabloid queen," I thought it was quite tragic. But then I realized that she:

a) was a stripper, who

b) married an 89-year-old billionaire, and then

c) posed for Playboy, and then

d) fought for her husband's money all the way to the Supreme Court, while she

e) appeared on television and in various public places completely wasted, including

f) her sleazy, no-holds-barred TV show, where

g) she blew up to three times her normal size, and then

h) lost it all using a questionable diet drug, and

i) had a baby out-of-wedlock, while at the same time

j) her son died from a supposed accidental mix of drugs, and

k) no one knew the paternity of her baby and

l) I realized that all of these topics have been subjects of Jerry Springer shows

m) multiple times

and that describing her legacy as a "tabloid queen" was probably kind. Oh, Anna.


Bizarre. A couple of days ago all that people could talk about was that crazy astronaut lady, today is Anna Nicole 24/7.

Yeah, Anna stole the astronaut lady's thunder..and it makes me very sad. :(

I SO saw this coming.

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