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What I'm Watching

Amazing Race
After hearing for years what a great show this is, My Kid & I started watching it last year. I really enjoy this show. I always root for the underdogs (I loved that old couple last season.); I never like the cheerleader/barbie doll/beauty queen teams. And I can't stand that guy Peter who is such a twat to everyone even his girlfriend who's trying to keep up with him on a blown-out hydraulic knee.

Brothers & Sisters
I think this show has just been on three times - I watched the first one and kind of liked it OK, even though the parental units reminded me a little too much of Steel Magnolias, but then they killed off Tom Skerritt - one of my favorite actors - in the series premiere, and I wasn't sure I wanted to get into a Norma Rae/Ally McBeal series. The second ep I had on but I was busy with something else so I didn't really get to watch it. This week I'm giving it another chance. We'll see. I'm having a heard time keeping the male characters straight b/c they all look the same to me.

Studio 60
I believe I may have mentioned a time or two that Bradley Whitford is my pretend boyfriend? But let's move on. I love this show, but it does have one downfall: the jokes aren't funny. The entire premise of the show is how talented they all are - Matt as the writer and Harriet as the comedian etc. etc. But THE JOKES AREN'T FUNNY. Now Aaron Sorkin is a very talented writer. The scripts are top-notch. But he's not a comedy writer. The writing team on this show desperately needs a comedy writer. To write the jokes. Because we can only give you so much leeway. Still, gets my vote for best new show on TV.

I may have also mentioned once or twice that I have a little crush on Hugh Laurie, too. This show remains my pick for best show on TV. Great stories, good writing, intriguing characters. If you're not watching this show b/c you don't like medical dramas, then you're doing yourself a supreme injustice.

Gilmore Girls
See, this is kind of a convoluted story. Let me go back a bit to seasons prior to this one: Memphis never had a WB network. We had a UPN station that ran WB shows at odd hours. Most of the Gilmore Girls eps I've seen I watched on ABC Family, which means I've seen pretty much everything except last season. Now that UPN and WB have merged into the CW, we're getting all the shows - the ones that are left anyway - as they were meant to be: in primetime. So let's review: A) I haven't even seen Season 6 yet, but I've read enough about it to know what happened. B) There's the whole issue of the writers leaving and blah blah blah. I know all the things that are wrong with this show; it's still my guilty pleasure. I record it since it comes on at the same time as House and then I watch it after work on Friday in my veg-out-on-the-sofa-in-my-PJs session.

Friday Night Lights
I tried to watch this show once, because I just finished the book on which the movie was based. But I couldn't stand all that shakey camera work and plus I keep forgetting what night it's on because, silly me, I always expect it to be Friday.

The Office
The first time I watched this show I saw the episode with the Diversity Training. I laughed until I cried and I thought it must have been the funniest show ever in the history of TV. Last week's episode, with the Grief Counseling, goes down in the books as my second-favorite episode. Once again (after a bit of a slow start this season), I laughed til I cried: "And then my cousin, Mufasa, got trampled by a herd of wildebeest..."

Gray's Anatomy
I still like this show, even though I no longer consider myself a fanatic. I take it with a grain of salt and don't invest too much in the storylines. I still think this the show has good writing (when it doesn't sell out, which it occasionally does) and I still love Christina and George and Burke and Callie and I really love Bailey & Addison. But I don't really care if Mer & Der get together or not. I usually record this show and watch it on the weekend, too.

Shows I love but have to rent on DVD b/c I don't have Showtime:
I am crazy about this show. Crazy, mad about, in love with and hooked on. I have such a crush on that Nancy Pants. I loved how last season ended when she finally let herself get involved with that cute guy and then in the middle of the night at his house she puts on his shirt and it says DEA. God that was good. I hope the season is over soon so it will hurry up and come out on DVD!!!! Because I hate waiting.

The L Word
It seems like it's been for. ever. since season 2 came out on DVD. I almost stopped caring about the characters. But I'm sure when season 3 finally FINALLY comes out I will rent it and watch the entire thing in one weekend and I will love those girls again. I heard Dana got breast cancer and died this year.

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