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Saturday: A Three-Act Play


I rented the movie "Prairie Home Companion" b/c I love all those NPR radio shows - Car Talk, Whad'ya Know, Says You. I guess I was hoping it'd be a film version of the radio show. It was not.

It was weird. That's what it was.

For one thing, Garrison Keiler played....himself. And then one of the characters on the radio show - Guy Noir, Private Eye - was an actual real character in the movie. In the movie, he was an ex-private eye working security for the radio show. ??? So that was kind of confusing. And - without giving too much away here - one of the other main characters was THE ANGEL OF DEATH and a lot of people died in the movie. See? Weird. Not at all what I expected. As a matter of fact, I really didn't get that movie at all.


This morning I got my nails done in my standard fall color, Black Tie Optional. I love it so. I've heard OPI has discontinued it, which is disappointing since it is such a perfect purpley-black eggplant loveliness.

Turns out all these seasons I've been ahead of the style trend, now that black nails are all the rage. (Note: NYT reports that Channel plans to ship a new batch of Black Satin on Monday morning!) *Ahem* I quote:

"The black nail polish that is selling so well today is hardly the dark enamel worn by the freaky girl at the back of your English lit class. Unlike the Goth look, which resembles fingers dipped in soot, the new black is shinier, richer and deeper, with undertones of purple, silver or red. The new blacks appear to be growing in popularity with young professional women who are daring enough to wear it to work, and it is the epitome of chic for night events."


This evening we were bored, so we hopped into the Benzo and drove out to Summerville, Tennessee which means absolutely nothing to you, I'm sure. You might say, "Oh. What's in Summerville, Tennessee?" and I would say, "A Dollar General store and a charming town square" and that's all I would know to tell you. I don't even know if I'm spelling it right.

On the way back, we stopped in Oakland, Tennessee for dinner at Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken. (They can say that, too, since Food Network, USA Today and others have proclaimed it some of the best chicken in America.) It was so good I wanted to eat the bones.