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Movie titles suck

Most of them are so un-memorable. When Big Daddy comes in from Blockbuster and I ask, "What'd you get?" he tells me, and the titles mean absolutely nothing to me. For example:

1. Can you name the last movie Antonio Banderas made - the one with the kids and the dancing?

2. What was the movie "Prime" about?

3. For that matter, who was in it?

4. Who's in the movie "The Matador"?

5. Who stars in "Firewall"?

6. Jennifer Aniston made four movies in 05-06. Name two of them.

7. What's the name of the film starring Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Lopez?

8. Name the new movie with Ashton Kutcher & Kevin Costner about the Coast Guard.

9. Name that hot new movie with the A-list ensemble cast - Nicholson, DiCaprio, Sheen (Martin, not Charlie), Damon, Marky Mark...

10. Who was the headliner in "The Sentinel"?

No fair looking the answers up online....that defeats the purpose of the test. I'm not asking for you to post the answers in the comments - there's no point really. I just want to know if you honestly know these film titles or if it's just that my short-term memory is for shit b/c I just created the list and I already can't remember the names of any of them.

I only knew the Kevin Costner/Ashton Kutcher one because it's advertised on tv every 5 minutes.

I can't remember most of them, either. Except that Harrison Ford was in Firewall and it sucked.

Prime is actually not bad... its with Uma Thurman and a hot guy who is actually only like 3 years younger than her but is playing a guy 14 years younger.
But not much clue regarding the rest... and then movie studios complain about declining attendance in theaters!

Ok it is kind of unfair bc I work in radio and have to know what they are about but let's see if I can do it with out looking it up.
1) Take the Lead, I think
2)Prime was about a psycahrist who is treating her son's girlfriend and figures it out
3) Uma Thurman and um...Meryl Streep
4) Peirce Bronsan (sP?)
5)Harrison Ford
6)Derailed, Rumor Has it,and for bonus The Breakup and Friend with Money but I think thsoe two came out in 06
7)I think was Unfinished Life or Business, can't remeber
8) The Gaurdian, bonus he was in Rumor has it with Jennifer Aniston
9)The Departed, had look at the shirt I was wearing today
10)Just watched it last night, Keither Suferland, Micehal Douglas, and Eva Lognaria

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