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TV Shows that make me laugh out loud

1. The Office
2. The Daily Show
3. VH1 Web Junk 20
4. Best Week Ever
5. Friends re-runs

What about Everybody Loves Raymond?

If you get a chance check out Lovespring International on Lifetime. I've just seen one but it was hilarious!

Friends gets me every time. As does the Colbert Report.

1. me too
2. me too
3. more like a smirk
4. me too
5. me too

Arrested Development also amused me. RIP.

Mel, it's not the web clips that I find so humorous, it's that guy's comments. He's freaking hilarious.

I love all those except for the Friend re-runs.

Everybody loves Raymond is great! I never used to watch it but, now they play it all the time and I have become a fan.

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