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My own worst enemy

Last night when I was taking my contacts out, I considered that they were kind of bothering me yesterday and maybe it was time to toss them and replace them with a new pair. That thought was followed by the decision to go ahead and wear them for a couple more days until they were really bothering me and I was assured that it was, indeed, time to change them. I realized that this is crazy! Why should I wear my contacts until they're itchy and blurry and cloudy and driving me up the wall when I have at least ten more pairs in my bathroom cabinet???

In the spirit of enlightenment and the constant search for self-actualization, I decided to examine other ways that I practice self-abuse:

1. Waiting to pee

2. Wearing Spanx

3. Watching the news

4. Skipping yoga class

5. Window shopping

How do you needlessly torture yourself? Make me feel better - I can't be the only one!

I'm wearing to left eyes contacts bc I ran out of right ones. Also these are way past due for new ones...These are the last of the left eyes

two things... www.coach.com and i search real estate listings in my area... of course i always find the once in a lifetime deals despite the fact that i've dedicted myself to at least 4 more years (until the kid is close to kindergarten age) in my house for optimum equity potential.

caffeine. i try to get through an entire morning without either coffee or a coke. pure torture.

oh. and weekend meals. i'm really bad at waiting a long time to eat because i'm in the middle of trying to get something done even if i'm lightheaded and starving. during the week it's a whole different story! i eat an hour before i'm even hungry!

I'll wait until that last 2 day point where the electric bill is due. THe lines are always sooooo long in the drive-thru! And I can't stand a line.

not buying junk food to avoid the temptation and feeling miserable because I don't have anything nice to eat. Then going out and buying it, pigging out and feeling miserable about it anyway.

Very funny post!

Here is my list in no certain order:

1. Manolo Blahnik Stilettos.

2. T.J. Maxx.

3. Drinking wine on a week night.

4. Spending too much time on the internet.

5. Bikini Waxes.

Most of these seem like a good idea at the time, but eventually they all bit me in the arse.

I love your self depricating humor.
Very cute blog!

Have a great day!

Dude, I loves me some Spanks. I wouldn't look unblobby without them.

I'm totally with you in the contact lens department.

What other ways do I torture myself? Hmmm...having a bottle of blueberry Stoli in the freezer and NOT having any during the week.

Having a bag of dark chocolate Hershey's kisses in the fridge, and trying to forget they exist.

Going to work everyday, passionately despising my two bitchy female co workers, yet not putting any resumes out in the world because the money won't touch where I'm at now.

That sums it up nicely. Oh and when it was on, I used to watch the Flava of Love because it was so awful it was hilarious.

#1 made me snort laugh (I'm reading this at the office, trying to "pretend" I'm hard at work) -- I am literally wiggling both legs back & forth because I need to pee SO bad, but wanted to finish checking your blog first!

My self abuse begins with
1) continuing to date my ex
2) refusing to follow up on job leads despite my dwindling bank account and dim job prospects
3) listening to my Mom who thinks my salvation lies in marrying 70 year old men with drinking problems but large bank accounts
4) Overstock, overstock, overstock
5) large cell phone bills
6) signing up for weight watchers and then not going
7) pretending I want another child and knitting a zillion baby blankies when I'm not (and probably won't) be pregnant
8) attending singles events..'nuff said
9) trying to schedule a vacation with a teenager
10) trying to get said teenager through high school

You're 30 years too young to be wearing those granny-panties!

Torture well lets see...

1. American Idol - I always cheer for the little guy and of course they never win.

2. Taco Bell - It looks good on TV so I stop by. After burping it for a whole day I always swear to myself that I will never eat it again. A couple of months later I forget all about that day and the cycle starts again.

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