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My brush with celebrity that I didn't even know about

In 1998, at my old job where I got to work with celebs and childhood cancer patients alike, I was sent to LA to accompany a little girl and her family to the Hollywood Christmas Parade. The child, a cancer patient, was to ride on the Target float with Donny & Marie Osmond, who had a hit TV talk show at the time.

It was a great trip, because Target does everything first class. They put us up at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena and sent a limo to pick us up for the parade. We were dropped off inside a studio (can't remember which one), right behind Casey Kasem and just in front of Ruth Buzzy (who drove herself in a Rolls Royce). We were ushered to a huge green room that was full of B- and C- list celebs, including several characters from Young and the Restless, Alley Mills from The Wonder Years and some hot young boy band I'd never heard of but the patient's older pre-teen sister was going completely ga-ga over.

Imagine my surprise when I heard on tonight's premier of Nick Lachey's "Behind the Music" that he met Jessica at the 1998 Hollywood Christmas Parade.

Huh. If I'd only known....I could've put a stop to it and saved the entire country from the trauma of having to experience their pitiful lives firsthand. So to all of America, I extend my deepest and most sincere apologies.

Mea culpa.

Well, next time, be more on the ball, will ya?

If you ever figure out who's responsible for Paris Hilton having a ...um... career? (and I use that term incredibly loosely), let us know so we can beat them. Hard.

So, now I wonder how I can tie you to Kevin Bacon...

Man, how could you let something like that happen? I trusted you, American trusted you.

Hey...you look like a beautiful version of Marie Osmond!

Sing it! "I'm a little bit country..."

That's so funny that you'd say that, Ree, because I got that a lot when I was younger. Her, and Emma Samms, who was on General Hospital in the 80s.

Oh wow. I totally see the Emma Samms thing remembering those pics posted by your friend a few weeks back. I remember her from Dynasty. (ahem)

I see the Emma Samms, too, but not many people know (or remember) who she is (was).

Well - she's back on GH now...

What can one do - just hopefully you didn't have to encounter Jessica's creepy dad. EEKS!

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