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Should you choose to accept it

Tonight I went with Big Daddy and My Kid to see this movie. Ordinarily, this is not something I would do, for a number of reasons:

1. I hate going to the movie theater. The seats are uncomfortable. The sound system is unnaturally loud. The unwashed masses talk during the film. The air conditioner is too fucking cold. I hate the whole experience.
2. I don't do "action" movies. So unrealistic. They expect you to get all hyped up, like, "OMG!! Do you think he'll make it? Do you think he'll be able to jump from that one roof and land on the other roof and still shoot all those guards and make it inside???" And I'm all *rolls eyes* "Well DUH he makes it. The movie would be OVER if he didn't." *heavy sigh*
3. I utterly refuse to support the work of crazy people like Tom Cruise. How much of our $24 admission do you think went into that asshat's pocket?

But, since Big Daddy has been out of town since Tuesday and just got home today, I wanted to be supportive of my family and spend some quality (?) time with them. And this is what they chose to do. So I went even though it went against everything that I stand for.

The movie was predictable and ridiculous. But the boys liked it (of course). PSH rocks as the bad guy (he's such a great actor). I can't get that theme song out of my head. Dun. Dun. Dunt-dun Dun. Dun. Dunt-dun (Da Da Da-dahhhh. Da Da Da-dahhhhh.)

Spoilers (sort of):

  • Felicity dies early.
  • The girlfriend really does eerily resemble Katie Holmes *shudder*.
  • You can see just how short Tommy is during the scene when he walks into the 7-11 and those height stickers are on the door.
  • There is this one humorous scene involving a Pointer Sisters' song.
  • The guy that got Mary-Louise Parker pregnant and then dumped her for Claire Danes is in it but he doesn't look anything like this.
  • My favorite part is when the explosion on the bridge flings Tommy into the side of a car. You can see it on the trailer. If I were watching it on video or digital TV, I would totally rewind that part and watch it over and over.

You have to check out www.tomcruiseisnuts.com. Hi-la-rious!!

Uhmmm, an explosion that flings Tommy into the side of a car, I'd pay to see that, and I might even jump over a sofa afterwards. I am definitely checking out that link above!

If I were watching it on video or digital TV, I would totally rewind that part and watch it over and over.

This is one of many reasons I like you.

Angie, that site is so funny! I want the "There's no such thing as chemical imbalance" t-shirt.

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