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Shop Now!

My friend Vicky is having a sale - 25% off any one single clothing item. Just enter the code 4DAY at checkout.

I recommend this dress (I just love smocking! I got this blouse and it's really so, so cute and very flattering.) This one is cute and is something my friend An would look adorable in. Have this one, and loooove it, but let me just warn you that it's totally see-through and you'll need to wear a slip with it. Also, it's very low-cut in the back so some kind of customizable bra will also be necessary.

And you guys know how much I adore this chic beater. But don't waste your big discount on a 10-dollar t-shirt.

Check out the sale pages, too. That's where I found this dress. And it comes in, like 14 colors. $29!!!

Offer expires May 18 so go SHOP NOW! We'll compare shopping bags on the 19th.

NOTE: The VS site went down for "scheduled maintenance" so if the links aren't working, try back in a bit.


Girl I love your blog! You're just like the way I want to be!

Here from Michele today...

Welcome! And I'm flattered! Readers, take note! Send compliments!

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