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Big Daddy thinks this should be my next car.

(I asked him was it because if we trade my Maxima on another Nissan do we not have to pay any money down and he said YES. Also, we get like a $1,000 returning customer discount.)

He told me I could get a convertible, which you know I've been dying to have. I don't think the lease on my Maxima is up until November. Hardly the time to get a convertible. I probably won't even get to ride with the top down until Spring. Plus it's a two-seater. Not really what I had in mind, although backseats of convertibles are practically non-existent. Not like My Kid could fit back there anyway. It could be a fun car. Do you see a lot of these on the road where you live?

A friend of mine got this car last year and she loved it. It was super sporty and fun and very fast. I could totally see you zipping around in one of this!

Of course, November here is PRIME convertible weather.

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I cant say i see any of those near where I live.. I wouldnt be happy in a 2 seater.. But then again i've got 3 kids.. LOL.. I hope to have myself a nice lil sports car once my kids are grown..Its a nice car though!!

michele sent me from her spread the comment cheer!

Ooh la love.

Buy it.

Good mileage, right?


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