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Monday Morning Afternoon Headlines

First, did you watch Grey's Anatomy last night? God, I love sweeps!! I have one question and two observations:

Q: Why are the writers so bent on turning Alex into the man we love to hate? Geez, Shonda. What'd he ever do to you? [Technically that was two questions but I'm not holding my breath that Shonda Rhimes is a) reading this site or b) going to answer me.]

1. Last night's episode was heartwrenching. I need prescription drugs to watch this show.
2. I want Callie's hair. If anyone comes across a good photo that I can take to Grant, my trusty and loyal hairdresser, please forward it to me.

OK, on to other worthy news items:

Jazz Fest: NPR had a great report this morning on how Katrina affected (effected?) this year's New Orleans Jazz Fest. Favorite quotes:

"I'm sure damn tired of people asking me, 'Is New Orleans coming back?' Goddamned right we're coming back, cuz we don't like y'all food and we hatechall music."

-- New Orleans trumpet player Terrence Blanchard
"We had a chance to travel around from Lakeview to the Ninth Ward and I think I saw sights that I never thought I'd see in an American city. The criminal ineptitude makes you furious."

-- Bruce Springsteen

Mi:III: The always-funny Greg at Geese Aplenty has written up an accurate review of Mi:III. Critics are wondering if the unusual "antics" of its star are to blame for it's lackluster showing of a mere $48 million its opening weekend.

Bold Moves: Have you heard Kelly Clarkson singing on the new Ford TV spots? (How can you not - geez, they're running them like every 7.3 minutes here.) I do wish someone would teach that girl how to breathe when she sings. It's so annoying how she takes huge breaths before a high note thus creating a gap in the middle of what would be a spoken sentence.

The Stage is Set: Speaking of TV ads, what do you think of this one that pairs up Dolly Parton & Elvis? I'd like your honest opinion.

i was watching last night's episode thinking out loud (living alone does this to you) "man. i hope alex leaves the show. i can't stand him. he's such an a**" and by god he does something to make me hate him just a little less. then i hate him more for trying to make me like him....errr....it's a vicious circle.

Oh I just love Alex in the terribly twisted way that you can't help but stare at a car wreck when you drive by.

OMG, Grey's Anatomy was awesome this week! I loved when Mer gave Derek the verbal smackdown for getting Dr. McJudgey about her dating Finn (and assuming she slept with him, as though Derek has any right to say who Mer does or does not sleep with, since he decided to lie about being married and then go back to his sham of a marraige!)

Heh. "Dr. McJudgey"

I am guessing that Springsteen is furious at the years and years of corrupt Louisiana and New Orleans government that led to the current problems. You know -- Ray Nagin's failure to have an evacuation plan for the folks in the city who didn't have cars, the undoubted payoffs to city building inspectors so building codes could be overlooked, the fact that there was no plan for what to do with the prisoners in the city jail so they just let them out, etc, etc. I am sure that's the criminal ineptitude he's mad at, right?

yes, there's that....and the whole FEMA meltdown thing.

I just got to watch GA on the tivo and I love that show. And I love Grey Matter and to hear what the writers think about the show after it has aired. It sounds like the finale is going to be awesome, I can not wait to see it.

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