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Me, on the web

I was invited by MommyBloggers to participate in their "Mother's Day Q&A Cage Match."

(I'm not sure why they asked me since I really don't think I'm a "Mommy Blogger." I know that's a touchy subject - especially among those tagged as "Mommy Bloggers." No one seems to like the title or wants to admit that they are, in fact a "Mommy Blogger." I am a Mom - though no longer a "Mommy," really, as My Kid hasn't called me that in about six years - and a blogger but I don't really blog much about the Mommying experience. Whatev. I was still flattered they asked.)

I realize it's a little late to post the link now, but I just now remembered about it and read it myself. My responses, should you want to go directly to them, were published for Question 2, Question 3, Question 4, and Question 6. They screwed up my link though so I won't get any traffic from the publicity. Bah.

Speaking of traffic....
I spent some time on my site meter stats this morning because seriously? 250 page views a day? For reals?? Do you know what this means? This means that I HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF READERS THAT I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD. Lurkers. See, and here's the thing: If you comment on my site more than once or twice, I try to add you to my blogroll. Because that's how the game works, you know? So I don't understand why people come to read and don't say hi so I can get to know you.

Like, there's this one make-up site (don't worry, I'm not outing you....YET) that visits me A LOT. I've checked all their referring pages and there are no links to me, which means either 1) the site's publishers are checking my content regularly to see if there's anything about make-up that they can steal link to, but apparently they don't like what they see because....no links! or 2) the publishers are just reading me for their own personal pleasure. Either way, why wouldn't they let me know that they're reading so I can give them their just due?

For instance, right now it's 10:15 a.m. Central time and I've already this morning had 35 visitors. THIRTY-FIVE!! Number of comments: 1. ONE. That means, just this morning, ONLY 1/35 OF MY READERS ARE COMMENTING. Those are lousy stats.

Am I making you feel guilty yet?

I admit: I came, I saw, I lurked....But I'm back now to comment. I'm weird, I do that. I also am one of those people that clicks on a blog, reads it, the phone rings and I leave it sitting there for an hour. I'm easily distracted and routine everyone's stats.

You are so NOT the mommy blogger type. Yes, you are a mom and you blog.... lol! I am going to check out your stuff!

I checked three times today, to read different stuff at different times......

This is my 2nd visit today (I think), but I had to hide my eyes from your earlier post. I didn't watch Gray's real time last night and I suspect that my TiVo was not smart enough to record it properly do to all the scheduling mess-ups last night. Argh.

I'm kinda new on the scene to blogging. Sometimes I want to comment, but I get sidetracked, and it took me a while to figure out how to set up an account and what kind of "identity" I was supposed to be.

Not a blogger, but do check your site regularly... maybe even daily.
Ummm, not a stalker either.
And yea, I'm one of those that will come back multiple times because work sidetracked me and I didn't finish reading or whatever.

yea! it worked. you'll probably be hearing from me more often now. I enjoy reading what you have to say. I need a lot of little mental breaks during the workday so I do that by visiting a handful of blogs I enjoy reading (including yours).

I rarely comment either. Mostly because my blogger account only links to the blog I don't post to very often. So I feel like I am directing people to a blog that is boring to read!

Oh and I check once or twice a day - depending on how often I can hid from my kids.

hide even, not just hid.

I just followed a link to your blog one day and I thought it was really funny so now I keep coming back.
I don't know if this qualifies as a mommy blog... you do talk more about shoes than your kid! (and I mean that in a good way)
I really liked the post on nice things about your husband (I had also laughed a lot about the annoying ones) and because of it I ended up writing a similar one in my blog about my parents (who I'm always complaining about). They called me up all teary-eyed...

Just to clarify, multiple visits to my blog are FINE. Encouraged even.

I comment irreguraly...I found you bc I did a search for Memphis bloggers and you were one of the few interesting ones...I have to fix my blog roll thing so I can add yours...I read everyday and check back if I think before I go home in case you post twice like today...not sure I am really a lurker. Anways I blogged and then read yours bc I knew you had written about GA.

I followed the link from your comment on the POP CANDY page. Maybe that's where all of your hits are coming from.
I am enjoying what I am reading so far.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

just to clarify - what is a "mom haircut"? Mine suffers severely from lack of style & I'm itching for a new do.

I come almost everyday to read your blog because I really like what you write. I think I have never left a comment but today you made me feel a bit guilty. I'll try to comment from now on.

Well WELCOME! Welcome All!

Supermom, the "mom haircut" was when I chopped all my hair off because I thought it would be EASIER after the baby came. Not.

Ooh la love.

Nope, no guilt yet. I was raised protestant, not Catholic, so that's not going to work with me.

I was actually looking for a convenient place to tell you I ooh la love you for your comment on my blog

-- "leaves nothing to the imagination, including the quality of her Brazilian wax." Genius.

lurker/stalker. i check you a couple of times a day at least...

i rarely comment only because i got the "you need to focus more at work" speech last week...now i read quickly but never get to comment...don't want to get caught being naughty!

I'm always here.
You know that....

Also, I hate work. I want to freelance like you!

And of course there are the oldschoolers like me who were around before you were famous. Don't forget us little people when you start accepting awards. ;)

I am a lurker, I found you from Badgers page.

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