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Did you watch?

Possible spoilers ahead (I don't know for sure b/c I haven't written it yet), but if you haven't watched, you better hurry up because the two-hour season finale is tonight. Not next Sunday. Tonight.

Izzie & Denney
Unlike everyone else in the whole entire world, I do not love love love Denney. Not that he isn't a lovable character. It's just that the writers have allowed the inappropriateness between doctor and patient to go to such completely whacked-out extremes that 1) it's no longer believable, and 2) it's just pissing me off.

So up until, oh....the last two minutes of the show, I was just appalled at Izzie and what she was doing. I loved the line (from Christina, I think?) about how she [Izzie] is the one who would go postal in this workplace because at least someone was recognizing that Izzie's behavior is off-the-charts insane.

And then that scene, where the doctor tells the patient that she's about to completely endanger his life (ahem...."do no harm"??? Ring any bells??) and he says NO, he won't let her, and she freaks out and insists that he HAS TO let her do it FOR HER?? BECAUSE SHE LOVES HIM?? It's incredulous.

And that George would just stand there and let her do it?? Wrong, on so sooooo many levels.

That said, I should have known the writers would make it all worth it in the final two minutes. I was not expecting Petey to be outside (although I would've shot that manager myself if I'd been there) so that was a good twist at the end. And it never occurred to me that Burke would go down. I thought at first it was an ambulance worker. Then when I saw that it was Burke I was all, "Noooooo!!!" and I realized that Izzie's actions were going to have consequences that she never could have foreseen.

I think Burke should live and Denney should die but the whole show will end in a cliffhanger and we won't actually find out until next season. Denney won't actually die, of course, because 1) the whole wide world love love loves him and the writers are too afraid that they would lose viewers if they killed him off, and 2) Izzie would have to go to jail and that's not really the course of this program.

Mer & Der & Addison (and Finn. and Doc)
I would care a lot more about this whole love triangle if the show got a new hairdresser and Mer didn't look so fucking raggedy all the time. Apparently Addison is seeing it work for Mer, so now she's trying it too. Seriously, Shonda? Fire your hairdresser. Today.

As the season has progressed, I have come to like Addison more and more and Meredith less and less. And these last two weeks, I haven't even liked Derek all that much. So I loved the scene where Addison loses it in front of everyone and says maybe she should sleep with the vet, but no, even that wouldn't work because HER NAME ISN'T MEREDITH GREY, because (much like the line from Christina above) someone is finally recognizing aloud what everyone else seems completely oblivious to.

I don't think it quite sunk in though. I don't think in the end when Mer sobbed to Finn, "I just love him soooo much" that either one of them had any idea that she wasn't talking about the dog.

Carmen asked me, "Did you like Callie for just a minute, there at the last minute when she showed Mer the xrays?" But you know, I like Callie. I like that she seems so real and that she honestly loves George and I don't think she's a bitch at all. I think she's trying really hard to fit into an already-established circle of friends and if anyone's been bitchy it's been Meredith and Izzie toward Callie. The fact that she listens to George and heard what he said about forgiving Mer and being part of the family (as evidenced by her sharing of the Xrays) just shows what a good-hearted person she is.

(PS - I just realized that the president is speaking tonight. Boo. I hope this doesn't interfere with tonight's show. You just know the network execs are so pissed, like, "What? He's speaking? During sweeps??")


i totally agree with you. the whole izzie going crazy scene pissed me off to no end. she's insane. and i'm just not a fan of that romance, but whatever.

complete shocker about burke...but in some mean way it made me laugh at izzie. i'm so horrible.

LOVED the scene where addison blew up. i'm right there with you on the whole derek thing. his character has been so blase lately that i haven't loved him at all.

meredith never looked attractive to me since the beginning so her bad hair doesn't affect my feelings toward her.

president starts at 7 pm central. let's keep our fingers crossed that he's short and doesn't make up any new words for us to decipher!

I'm glad that Addison finally blew up, too. It's about time. And I also dig Callie.

I am so with you on nearly every point. Nah, there's no 'nearly' to it. That whole Izzy freak out thing was just too bizzare. We were watching season one on dvd the other night and found that there was actually an episode or two where Mer's hair almost looked not bad. I just want to pull those straggly things off the side of her head.
I totally didn't see the Burke thing coming and I can hardly wait till tonight.

I had to re-arrange soccer carpool tonight so that I wouldn't have to leave the house in the middle of Grey's to pick up My Kid!

Gotta say -- wasn't as excited about it as I'd hoped. Wasn't bad, but the whole prom thing was kinda cheesy. Was glad they killed Denny off, though.

My thoughts exactly. You got your comment up faster than I could finish my post!

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