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40 Things Before I'm 40

#3 Trade In My Car on a Midlife Crisis Convertible

I went by a car lot this afternoon - just to sneak a peek at one of those Z's. It was all very innocent. I swear. It was a pretty day - 70 degrees and sunny and I was hoping they'd let me drive one with the top down.

Of course you can't walk onto a car lot without being accosted by a salesman. I know that. I've worked for car dealers before. I pulled up next to a row of Z's and wasn't even all the way out of my car yet when a voice behind me said, "You ready to trade up to a Z?"

"Oh, my husband suggested I might want one of these when my lease is up," I answered casually. "I just wanted to take a look at one." He started telling me about the car and asked me my name. I said, "Kalisah Overdressed."

He went inside to get a key so I could drive one and when he came back out he said, "Did you say your last name is Overdressed? Do you know Big Daddy Overdressed?"

I said, "Yeah. Do you know Big Daddy?" He said, "I've known Big Daddy for 20 years." So I told him that Big Daddy is my husband and he could hardly believe it.

For the record, I drove the car. I drove it on a curvy road and never hit the brakes once and man was it fun. I told you Big Daddy has good taste.

After the test drive, the salesman took me into the showroom to get me a brochure and he introduced me to the Sales Manager. I recognized the name right away. I said, "Are you Mr. Sales Manager that lives on my street?" And he said, "What street do you live on?" And I said, "Are you Christy and Kevin's dad?" And he said that he is. And I said, "I'm My Kid's mom."

I'm telling you, this is one small town (for such a big city).

Or, looking at it another way, you could say OMG THIS IS TOTALLY MEANT TO BE THAT I SHOULD HAVE THIS CAR!!