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4 Things Before I'm 40

#2 Be Part of a Winning Political Campaign HQ Party on Election Night

I have a meeting with the DA this morning. I guess when most people make that statement, it's not a good thing. Think Law & Order.

But the DA is my client. My client. We are handling the PR for his re-election campaign and I'm the main point of contact on the account.

We've just completed focus groups that we're using to determine the most effective messaging for the campaign. This morning I'm presenting our results and our recommendations to The General.

I'm wearing these pants with a wide black leather belt, with this shirt and my stripper shoes (in black).

Later, I'll figure out what to wear to the election night celebration.

Cute outfit! xoxo

Work It!

and you are going to meet with your client in that? cropped pants, tank top and sandals? NOT professional in the least... I would fire you!

It's not a tank top it's a black knit t-shirt. And I don't know where you live, but in the south everyone wears sandals in the summer. My clients have no complaints.

I work in a creative industry. No one expects me to wear navy banker suits.

i remember my first summer in memphis. i seriously thought i was melting. i changed my clothes every night when i got home from work and would still (even with air conditioning) sweat like a pig. i finally realized that the only way to survive working downtown (the hottest place in memphis) was to only wear skirts, open toed sandals/shoes and capris to work (professional architecture firm). of course i froze IN the office, but it sure cut down on the afternoon stinkiness because i ate lunch 2 blocks away from the office and had to walk in the 90% humidity/104 degree day. god. i am very grateful for mid missouri weather at this point...although it gets hot here too.

yeah, we love our AC in the south, don't we???

girlfriend, I bet you looked great in that outfit. God knows, I could NEVER wear that, unless I wanted to get some serious laughter going on.


I'm with the other guy that thinks that this is a bit over the top for a client meeting, regardless of your industry. Unless you support the red-light district activities, a nearly-off the shoulder, snug-looking T-shirt on a large breasted woman can't possibly look professional. Plus, as you put it, "stripper shoes" (which they apparently look like with their nearly 5" heels) can only enhance the inappropriate nature of the outfit. Now, going out in the summer, whether it be dinner or some personal event...that's different, and I'm sure you'll turn many a head in these clothes. You don't have to wear business suits to appear professional.

yeah, well I'm not taking FASHION ADVICE from anyone who doesn't have the balls to put their name on a comment.

Kalisah, I think you have great taste in fashion. I think that outfit is very cute, and I hope your client wins his campaign.

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