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Apparently, ABCFamily forgot to "spring forward"

At 9:30 a.m. CDT, I turned to ABCFamily, as I always do at that time on weekdays, to watch a rerun of Gilmore Girls, and lo! There were no Girls. There was only Step by Step. Because, apparently, The Man from Atlantis and Bobby Ewing weren't resume enough for Patrick Duffy - he had to go and make a Brady Bunch-inspired sitcom with Suzanne "Thigh Master" Sommers from whence they could torture us into eternity through cable syndication.

And also? Slater? Playing a doctor on The Bold and The Beautiful? Sorry, CBS Daytime, I ain't buying it.

Slater's playing a doctor? Heee. Dude, you are Slater, now and forevermore. Deal.

i "heart" gilmore girls :) i would totally be mad if they weren't on when i thought they would be on...

And here I wrote about Man From Atlantis a couple weeks ago. Step by Step? I recall that being an awful show.


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